I think about a world to come where the books were found by the golden ones, written in pain, written in awe by a puzzled man who questioned, "What are we here for?" All the strangers came today and it looks as though they're here to stay.

-David Bowie "Oh! You Pretty Things"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thursday TV Tournament: Match-up 17 Results

Today's match-up is between thirty-second seed, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season Six, Episode Seven, "Who Got Dee Pregnant?" which aired on October 28, 2010, and seventeenth seed, Community Season Two, Episode Twelve, "Asian Population Studies," which aired January 20, 2011. The results are in:

After today's match-up, I feel certain that the rest of this tournament is going to hurt. During the first round, some episodes were the lesser of several evils, and some episodes only made the list because they were the only new episode airing that week. But during this round I'm forced to say goodbye to some of my favorite episodes of the last year. Nobody deserved to get the boot this week, but unfortunately, one episode had to be discarded.

I was completely incapable of deciding the better episode for myself, so I put it to a vote on Facebook and Twitter. When the results came in, it just happened to be a tie. It was the testimony of long time Cavemen Go follower Adam Friedli that tipped the scales:

After watching both, I think I need to choose the Always Sunny ep. This ep of Community is easily one of the strongest of the season though. Without revealing spoilers, some good plot moments are finally addressed, and the characters themselves definitely progress meaningfully. Lots of funny moments were had by all. 
However, I was just feeling the Always Sunny ep more. A major plot began in this ep that would continue for the rest of the season, and I simply laughed more than with the ep of Community.

Adam appealed to one of my most important rules, one that assisted me in hard decisions concerning which thirty-two episodes would be chosen this season, the rule of which episode made you laugh the most and the hardest. Thanks for your help, Adam Friedli, and everyone else who gave their input.

Tune in next time for ninth seed, The Office Season Seven, Episode Sixteen, "PDA," which aired February 10, 2011, and twenty-fifth seed, Community Season Two, Episode Seventeen, "Intro to Political Science," which aired February 24, 2011. Hopefully, this match-up won't be nearly as painful. Hopefully...

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