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-David Bowie "Oh! You Pretty Things"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Spoiler Alert: True Blood S04E08

That's two weeks in a row that I wasn't able to get a Spoiler Alert post up before the next episode aired. Lucky for me, there are probably a bunch of people out there who don't have HBO and have to wait a couple of days to watch the new episodes. To all of you, I feel like less of an idiot. To all of the rest of you, you have my sincerest apologies.

1. Regarding Jessica

Here are the answers to the cliffhanger from last week. Jason saves Jessica, and instead of killing Jason she kisses him passionately. Bill is, as expected, tormented by the fear that he brought about Jessica's true death and guiltily mentions that he clearly underestimated Jessica's strength in chaining her up the first time. Oh, and the shot fired off outside was Jason shooting one of Bill's guards in the shoulder.

Here's the one that will possibly have the biggest impact: The guard that Jessica attacked is completely and utterly dead. Bill acts as if this can be swept under the rug because these people knew what they were getting into and their families will be compensated. But Jessica knew Bucky's child, and we know that murder on the job does not go forgotten by the family. Someone may want heads to roll for the death of Bucky.

Bill believes that Jason may pose a problem when it comes to the murder of Bucky and requests that he not report Bucky's death. Bill couldn't be further from the truth. Jason cares for Jessica, so it probably never occurred to him that he should report a crime that would almost certainly result in the final death of Jessica. Nevertheless, Bill's request suggests that he's not entirely confident that he can protect Jessica with the "a witch made me do it" defense in a post-Russell Edgington world.

2. Two Taras

There aren't, literally speaking, two Taras. When I say two Taras I am referring to the fact that Tara could go either way on this whole witches versus vampires thing. When the possessed Marne suggests that the only way the witches can be safe is to kill all vampires (a defense that is strangely similar to George W. Bush's proclamation against terrorists), Tara declares that she is completely on-board with such a genocide.

But then again, Tara seemed kind of weirded out when she found out that the protection spell she thought she was getting involved in was a murderous spell intended to kill vampires regardless of their participation in the molestation of the coven. And let's not forget that Bill saves Tara's life in the cemetery battle.

3. Regarding Luna's ex

Other than the fact that Luna's ex is described as a werewolf, and the only significant new werewolf we've been introduced to is Marcus, there were two clues that Luna and Marcus used to shack up in this particular episode. First of all, Marcus explains that his backyard has gone to seed since his ex-wife moved out. Second, we see Marcus on the phone leaving a message to someone regarding stopping by and tucking in his baby. If that wasn't enough, then surely it was obvious when Marcus showed up at Luna's house while Sam was there.

All of this actually seems to have something to do with Alcide's future, if you ask me. When Alcide helps break up a fight and speaks his mind regarding a couple of issues, Marcus declares that Alcide has an alpha in him. This makes sense, especially if we consider his "lone wolf" thing an after-effect of not fitting in with a pack that already has an alpha. This will, inevitably, put Alcide and Marcus at odds in the future. Of course, Marcus already has a couple of possible outs: 1. Luna can call his parole officer and get him put back in jail, 2. his aggression toward Sam could get him killed by Sam, 3. he gets involved in vampire/witch politics and gets killed. But there's always that chance that he oversteps a boundary and Alcide challenges him. In nearly all possible futures I see Alcide as the leader of this pack soon.

4. "All is possible."

While Eric and Sookie are in their blood-passion trance, Eric says, "All is possible."

Perhaps he only means that two individuals, high on one another's blood, can totally lay under a snowy sky with no clouds. But let's consider the things that we might consider impossible in this very episode. Hoyte, while yelling at Jessica, suggests that a vampire and a human having a baby is impossible (and then he says that his momma was right and blames all "fangs" for his anger, which will probably turn into something big very soon). Eric laying under the sun for any extended amount of time would be impossible. Bill states that it would be impossible for him to glamour anything that is not a human being. And then there's that whole thing Sam said a long time ago about how a shifter cannot shift into a human. One of those has already been proven possible. What other things do you think might be proven possible in the future?

5. The Cliffhangers

Lafayette is possessed by the vengeful ghost of the woman whose child was killed because of how ridiculous the father thought a bi-racial relationship is. But where is Tio Luca? We saw him exit Lafayette, but we also saw Gabriella exit Marne a few times only to follow her around wherever she goes. Sookie gets shot and rescued by Alcide (after using her powers for the first time in a long time - is this an omen?). When Bill feels Sookie getting shot, the moment of pause allows the witches to silver him and capture him. Eric also feels Sookie getting shot, only to become the lap dog of Marne. Things are getting messy!

See you next week!

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