I think about a world to come where the books were found by the golden ones, written in pain, written in awe by a puzzled man who questioned, "What are we here for?" All the strangers came today and it looks as though they're here to stay.

-David Bowie "Oh! You Pretty Things"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sometimes I think everyone on the planet knew that Preacher was one of the most amazing comic book series ever published long before I did. Just in case there's someone who hasn't encountered Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's masterpiece, I thought I should write out a recommendation. Vertigo's Preacher series tells the story of some normal people (well, mostly) who become entangled in an enormous metaphysical drama. It is edgy and smart and never takes the easy way out, taking on the more interesting geographical destinations in America: Texas, New York City, San Francisco, Louisiana... You might say that Preacher is, in a way, the Great American Novel. I say this mostly because people list The Great Gatsby as the leading contender for that title, and as interesting as F. Scott Fitzgerald can be at times, the American experience is not one of old and new wealth. It's one of pain and struggle, of grit and of wonder. These four adjectives apply easily to Preacher. I suggest you read it as soon as possible, and continue to read it over and over throughout the years.

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