I think about a world to come where the books were found by the golden ones, written in pain, written in awe by a puzzled man who questioned, "What are we here for?" All the strangers came today and it looks as though they're here to stay.

-David Bowie "Oh! You Pretty Things"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Comic Con vs. Fred Phelps

A bunch of Fred Phelps hate-mongering Christians from Westboro Baptist Church up and decided that they would celebrate the weekend's festivities in San Diego by protesting the Comic Con. From the reports I've seen, they had no idea what they were getting into. Leave it to my fellow comic book nerds to fight ridiculous (because what else can you call anti-homosexual propaganda?) with ridiculous.

On this side, the personification of hate, the Christians from Westboro Baptist Church:

And now on this side, the freedom fighters of the San Diego Comic Con:

Here are a few of the more interesting protesters:

And my personal favorite:

In case you can't see, this sign reads "The Legacy Virus is punishment for Mutie SIN." In other words, we comic book readers have been dealing with this kind of hate talk for decades. This particular sign refers to events from X-Men comics, a series started in 1963 to deal with issues of adversity such as these.

Good work, my comrades. Continue the battle.

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