I think about a world to come where the books were found by the golden ones, written in pain, written in awe by a puzzled man who questioned, "What are we here for?" All the strangers came today and it looks as though they're here to stay.

-David Bowie "Oh! You Pretty Things"

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spoiler Alert: True Blood S04E04

At the beginning of the episode we find Eric drunk off of fairy blood. As a result, he pinches Sookie's butt and goes skinny dipping. It's a load of fun. Later he says to Sookie, "If you kiss me, I promise to be happy." That's a line to save for the arsenal, if ever I've heard one. Amy's really pulling for Sookie and Eric, but Sookie and Alcide are so cute together, even if they are only vowing friendship. Oh, and did anybody notice the similarities between Jason's escape and the movie Predator? He covered himself in mud, got all stealthy, and then attacked a supernatural foe with a hand-made weapon. I was surprised nobody in the episode made a reference to the Arnold Schwarzenegger film.

Now it's time for some more mysterious stuff...

1. It's a trap

What would Admiral Ackbar say about this whole Bill and Eric situation? I don't know. He died a long time ago in a galaxy far away. But judging by Nan Flanagan's reaction to Bill sending Eric after the necromancer coven, I am starting to think that Bill did, in fact, intend to have Eric killed. Let's not forget his vow to get rid of everyone who knows Sookie's secret. This began with the murder of Queen Sophie-Anne, and why shouldn't it continue by putting Eric, and then his loyal "daughter" Pam, in harms way. I think Nan's response is by far the strongest evidence to support Pam's claim that Bill purposely endangered Eric's life/death.

I mention Pam also, because the second consequence of Bill sending Eric after the necromancer coven popped up this episode. A possessed Marne shows Pam her true self, decay, putrefaction and all. This scene seemed like a call-back to classic Sam Raimi/Peter Jackson horror/comedy.

2. The Spanish Massacre

Nan Flanagan and Bill Compton discuss the "Spanish Massacre," an event that occurred some four hundred years ago, presumably in Spain, where masses of vampires were brought under the control of one angry necromancer who had reason to hunt the vampires. Immediately afterwards, Marne experiences a kind of spiritual flashback regarding the life of the woman who appeared both in her face and in her mirror previously. It is not unlikely that this scene took place in Spain some four hundred years ago. It would seem that the spirit of this vampire-hating, vengeful necromancer has overtaken Marne in a very Twin Peaksy manner, which can't be good for the vampires of Bon Temps.

We already know that Jesus has a Spanish background and a background in witchcraft. Is there any chance that the witch of the Spanish Massacre is connected to him? Is it possible that his grandfather's spirit lingers also?

3. Moon of Artemis

Melinda Mickens returns, much to Tommy's joy. When Tommy tells her that Sam shot him, she explains that she could kill the boy, and she's glad that she got rid of him. She promises Tommy that she's left Joe Lee, only to find out that Joe Lee is still around and he's got Tommy by the throat, literally. All of this talk about killing relatives should make you think of the "Skinwalkers" discussion of a couple episodes ago. If Melinda were to kill Sam, she would become a Skinwalker. If Tommy feels betrayed enough to kill his mother for this horrible betrayal, he could become a Skinwalker. And let's not forget the feud between Tommy and Sam, or the way Sam's going to feel toward Melinda and Joe Lee. He's not exactly against shooting family members.

Jason kills Crystal's brother-husband or whatever he is, making Crystal the "Big Momma Kitty," and presumably giving her power over the entire pack of were-panthers. She hints that during the full moon, Jason will transform into a were-panther and become "Panther Man"/"Ghost Daddy." When Jessica and Hoyt find the near-dead Jason on the side of the road, Jessica immediately administers vampire blood to help Jason heal. Well, we've seen were-wolves and were-panthers under the influence of V - they're crazy and darn-near unstoppable. Add to this the feral rage and lack of control likely to occur if/when Jason first transforms into a were-panther and we're likely to see something huge next episode.

Finally, Sam finds out that Luna has a daughter. Luna admits that her ex-boyfriend is a were-wolf, and that he watches her from time to time. What exactly does the child of a shifter and a were-wolf look like? Surprisingly human, if this episode speaks the truth. Let's hope this wolf is nothing like the pack that Alcide originally lost Debbie to, because otherwise there's bound to be trouble. Of course, it's difficult to take Luna's word at face value, especially when her face can change to anyone else's. She could even be a Jekyll and Hyde, shifter-mother and werewolf-father, intent on loving and hunting Sam.

You're probably wondering why I've tied these three stories together under one heading. Well, Marne's spell to reverse Eric's forgetfulness must be done under the "moon of Artemis." Artemis was known to transform into various woodland creatures, most memorably as a doe, a deer, a female deer. The moon of Artemis is clearly the moon of shifters, were-wolves, and were-panthers, the full moon. With Marne's story included, that makes four stories that are strongly effected by what the moon brings this night.

4. What does that make us?

Bill Compton knows a lot of the old school families of Bon Temps from being acquainted with their ancestors during the Civil War. For example, he fought beside Jedediah Bellefleur. Also, his granddaughter Elizabeth Harris, the daughter of his daughter Sarah Compton and Lionel Harris, married Jedediah's son James. James's son was Arthur, who fathered Joseph, who married the grandmother of Andy, Portia and Terry. Wait a minute. That means Bill had sex with his great great great great granddaughter last episode. Even though she's pretty attractive, that's just kind of gross. And it certainly couldn't help his position if he were caught committing incest.

Oh, and wasn't grandmomma Bellefleur also the grandmother on Who's the Boss?

5. Not the momma

It's getting a little annoying that we haven't learned more about what is up with Arlene and Terry's son. However, has anyone noticed that the bad things have quite often happened when Terry wasn't in the room? Is it possible that there is an evil force that is overpowered by Terry's fantastic force of good, his kindness and simplicity, his love and sacrifice for a baby that is not even biologically his? This would be a fantastic plot for such a fantastically kind character.

See you next week!

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