I think about a world to come where the books were found by the golden ones, written in pain, written in awe by a puzzled man who questioned, "What are we here for?" All the strangers came today and it looks as though they're here to stay.

-David Bowie "Oh! You Pretty Things"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Radiohead "Paranoid Android" (YouTube Artist Mix)

CREDITS in order of appearance:
0:07 http://y2u.be/wQXHXM-HnbU DRUMS: Alberto, Italy
0:10 http://y2u.be/w9Q79nt6NpA A. GUITAR: goljadkin, Italy
0:18 http://y2u.be/knqZmyGlAQE E. GUITAR: VIwavesofmusicIV, USA
0:25 http://y2u.be/1p9sH-uMnKI VOCALS: Yvette, USA
0:43 http://y2u.be/FsD4921LBWE VOCALS: Nycholas, France
0:53 http://y2u.be/8UgVXRafO3Y BASS GUITAR: Nick, England
0:53 http://y2u.be/AwhtVlVAx1s MARIMBA: Gregory, Canada
0:56 http://y2u.be/5Hh_iYzfIIM A. GUITAR: ComradeNu, USA
1:03 http://y2u.be/QLKxzFLLyp8 STEEL DRUMS: turtlepan101, USA
1:05 http://y2u.be/dMdlFRixaiQ A. GUITAR: Drew, USA
1:15 http://y2u.be/NVvdjEb0QdA VOCALS: Mike, USA
1:25 http://y2u.be/-lNp9qW3jLw E. GUITAR: Paul, USA
1:44 http://y2u.be/i5p9UJjhO_E VOCALS: Lore, Belgium
1:44 http://y2u.be/0RfGf8KLWZI E. GUITAR: Rick, UK
1:54 http://y2u.be/IUer5TjL1oQ E. GUITAR: Anne-Sophie, France
2:10 http://y2u.be/-2e3WcsCHQY A.GUITAR & DOUBLE BASS: Tosin & Matthew, USA
2:16 http://y2u.be/56Fd66DKX_g E. GUITAR: Michael, USA
2:20 http://y2u.be/VkUTofxUJLM BRASS INST.: UW Jazz Orchestra, USA
2:27 http://y2u.be/TcgvoOex0-0 VOCALS: Egle, UK
2:40 http://y2u.be/b9H-EhxfBCA E. GUITAR FX: alienxists, UK
2:51 http://y2u.be/yitFx3sIMTM VOCALS: Nathan, UK
3:02 http://y2u.be/Qjpn_eslQTE E. GUITAR: murphopolis, USA
3:12 http://y2u.be/VS98b5tD8GM E. GUITAR: Matias, Chile
3:17 http://y2u.be/rxlW-Qiivbg E. GUITAR: Tyler, UK
3:40 http://y2u.be/ydF5E60PVCk BACKING VOCALS: Dennis & Tiago, Brazil
3:45 http://y2u.be/oenuDQl4Ofw E. GUITAR: Glenn, Belgium
3:48 http://y2u.be/WGPqnpkrX9M OBOE: Lisa, USA
3:54 http://y2u.be/Cv2lPfffkfU FLUTE: Morristown Colonial Symphony, USA
4:07 http://y2u.be/Ni8SIx1wWZw ELECTRIC GUITAR: Marty, USA
4:11 http://y2u.be/kyjB8mnB5vw VOCALS & PIANO: Simon, Australia
4:26 http://y2u.be/njwDWIrKMU4 WIND QUARTET: Katie, Suzanne, Marc & Thomas, USA
4:42 http://y2u.be/0Cc3CPfPEeQ BASS GUITAR: Nicola, Italy
5:03 http://y2u.be/v5Q135486zA STRING ORCHESTRA: The Section Quartet & FZE
5:12 http://y2u.be/u6oD9FO_T-U VOCALS: Rock 4, Netherlands
5:13 http://y2u.be/IZldpJUpgI4 BRASS ORCHESTRA: Pride of Arizona, USA
6:04 http://y2u.be/uzClwjkoUjo A. GUITAR & BEAR SUIT: jamontoastst, Australia

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